31 May 2009

Feeding the ducks and squirrels

Had some duck visitors on the driveway again today so of course Kevin wants to try feeding them some apples again. This time it worked and they ate a bit. And a very cute squirrel came to finish their leftovers.

Radish Harvest

Found some radishes ready today. This year I planted a new kind because we didn't like the kind we had last year. The new kind is French Breakfast so I was hoping it would be more mild and less oniony than the last one. It is but turns out we really don't like radishes much at all anyway. I will cook them up tonight to go with our meal of honey baked lentils. Last year we ended up liking them cooked much better - I just put them in the steamer with the carrots.

Back from Cuba

I spent a week in Cuba with my sister. It was an all inclusive holiday in a resport on the beach but we were only a 25 minute drive from Havana so we got to do lots of sight seeing too.

13 May 2009

Range Hood

My main accomplishment of the day was to replace our old range hood that stopped working shortly after we moved in. I installed and did the wiring all myself. Went well except I've had to take off the part that covers the wires because it rattles when the fan is on no matter what I do.

I thought this was funny that when the old one was installed they put a bunch of pencils in for some reason and they've been there doing their job, whatever that was, for 40 years.

A lot of it was covered in 40 years of grease - some parts were pretty disgusting.

The new masterpiece:


Tried making some donuts yesterday. Started with this recipe:
And they weren't too tasty, texture was good but they tasted like baking soda.

So today I thought I ought to re use that oil left in the pan and try another donut recipe, it didn't have to be vegan because we had eggs in the house. And I tried this:
and they were perfect!

11 May 2009

Spring for real

It's really spring now. I can already see some of the flowers being replaced by leaves. Not much going on in the vegetable department except these peas are starting to come up.
PS - Something did come back and eat the 2 leftover eggs.

04 May 2009


Out in the garden this morning noticed some egg shells in the firepit. Was wondering who would have been out there to put eggshells in there - had people been eating hardboiled eggs around the fire without me? But then I saw they were around the firepit and one was a whole egg. Must be duck eggs that some animal stole from the nest. It was stone cold so no chance of hatching it. And we don't have the guts to eat them. It`s like Easter again. This one I left where it was, maybe the animal will come back to eat it.

03 May 2009

Drywalling Weekend

We spent the WHOLE weekend finally drywalling the ceiling in the garage. It`s needed doing since the fall when we tore down the old ceiling to add more insulation. It turned out pretty well. I still need to do the taping and mudding but I`ll do that some time during the week by myself.

01 May 2009

Spring Flowers in the backyard

Lots of spring flowers showing up in the backyard.

All the trees and bushes are starting.

The first strawberry flower.