28 May 2010

Lounging - Heat Wave


It has been so hot this week that I haven't spent too much time outside. But not wanting to miss out on the flowers that have been coming out in the backyard (haha back when I didn't have the cutest baby ever this post would have been about flower pictures), I spent some time this afternoon just lounging in the shade. And Henry was being very cute.

While I was out there I had a look round the garden and had some nasty surprises. So many of the plants I transferred out have disappeared! That never happens in my garden. So don't know how many cucumbers or large tomatoes we'll get this year.

25 May 2010

Henry's Crinkle Toy

I finished making Kevin's dinosaur embroidery into a little toy for Henry. I put the plastic from Kevin's corn flakes box inside to make it crinkle and added some ribbon tags too.

Henry still doesn't totally understand holding things in his hands and doing things with them but he does hold stuff and manages to bring it to his mouth too.

Henry Swims

Henry had his first swim at his Grandparents' pool this weekend. We stayed in the warm hot tub and he seemed to like it.

Floor Cushion

I just finished this floor cushion I've been working on. It will be for when Henry's older and he can drag it around the house by the handle and read his favourite books while sitting on it just like the little girl here:

And I made it out of some fabric from a thrift store $1 surprise bag and stuffing from an old weird cushion I wanted rid of so it only cost a few $ for piping. I was excited to make it to try using piping. I feel like it looks so professional with piping - what else can I add it to?

21 May 2010

Dandelion Wine!

Kevin and I have made some dandelion wine. And yesterday we got to try it! We picked the dandelions - 3 L of them I think - at the very end of April when they first sprung up in our local park. We added lemon and orange juice, raisins, sugar, special wine yeast and let it bubble away for a few weeks. We only got 4 1/2 bottles. So we drank the 1/2 bottle right away last night. And it was really good!!

We have the other four bottles doing a little more bubbling with balloons over the necks (acts as a cheap fermentation lock) and when the balloons stop inflating for good we will have to borrow or buy a corker. Then we leave them for 6 months. It might taste even better in 6 months!!! We had fun doing it and love the feeling that we did it all ourselves and it turned out so good that we think we might even go ahead and buy a corker. Next on the agenda is parsnip wine.

17 May 2010

Trying out Embroidery

Kevin and I have been trying embroidery. We got a book from the library but Kevin especially is already trying his own thing.

Kevin embroidered this tea towel for me for my first Mother's Day.

And I made this one for my mum.

And then Kevin made this one which I will turn into a simple toy for Henry.

13 May 2010

Henry's Sweaters

Henry finally fits into some of the sweaters and the hat I knit for him while I was pregnant. And it has been cold this week so he's had plenty of chances to wear them.

06 May 2010

Iron Chef Flat bread

I was such an iron chef the other day. We had nothing really but salad in the house for lunch so I was going to walk to the grocery store to get something. And then I thought no, I'll save money and use up stuff in the fridge that I was going to throw away.

So instead of throwing away the old bread dough (bread made with old dough tastes like a mix of alcohol and crackers to me) and tomato with a speck of mould, I used them in a flat bread. I got some chives, oregano, and mache from the garden to add. And I used all those ingredients plus olive oil and garlic to make a tasty flat bread to serve along side the salad. And it was very tasty. All those flavours disguised the old dough taste. And I didn't use the part of the tomato that actually had mold on it.

Henry Loves His Hands

I can't believe that just last week I was rushing to get the camera to get a shot of Henry sucking on his hands. Now I have to make a big effort to get a shot of Henry without his fingers in his mouth. The sound of him sucking away is very sweet though.

03 May 2010

The view from my hammock

I swear I don't remember Spring being so beautiful. I am still really enjoying this nice weather, got to spend some time this afternoon relaxing in the hammock. Here are some pictures of the view from my hammock.

Wool Shorts

I just finished a shorts diaper cover for Henry to wear this summer. This is the first knitting project I have finished since Henry was born and it was so awesome to be able to put them on him right away - instant gratification! They are just a tad big which is perfect for this super fast growing baby.

Henry and His Doll

I finally put the hair on Henry's doll that I made in the fall. And I sewed on the hat that Henry was given to wear in the NICU when he was born for extra sentiment. Here they are hanging out together.

01 May 2010

Perfect Last day of April

It was a really nice warm day so Henry and I did lots of walking. In the afternoon we went to Breithaupt Park to look at all the trilliums. And then after dinner we went out again with Daddy and saw lots of ducklings and explored some Waterloo trails that we hadn't found before.

And Henry is still exploring his hands too.