19 November 2012

6 months and 33 months

Here's Bridget's 6 month picture with the bear.  See some earlier ones here.  

And then later on in the day I hear from the kitchen "take my picture" and I find Henry sitting on the chair with the bear.  So here is Henry at 33 months with the bear.


I had a little bit of an urge to redecorate.  So I made a few small changes.  Made some new curtains for the dining room and recovered the table lamp by the laptop, both of which were made almost 2 years ago.  And I bought a new rug, picking that out took longer than the two DIY changes put together.  

And I decluttered and de-yellowed the bedroom.  This was fun because I did it all with Henry while Kevin was at work and Henry and I both got excited about showing Daddy the new room when he came home.  Henry helped doing the dusting and he was actually a little bit helpful.  The only DIY I did here was to make the curtains, just rectangles of fabric.  I had just enough fabric, would have liked them a little bigger.  I will have to see if that's something that keeps bugging me to the point that I redo them.  And right now I am loving the empty space and bare walls (feels so fresh after the clutter and bright colour) but I might change my mind about that later.  

13 November 2012

Grey hat family

This year we all have mommy-knit grey hats.  Aren't we cute?  Mine and Kevin's are from last year.  And Henry's was supposed to have ear flaps but I ran out of yarn, still want to get some more and finish if off.  But that's why the bottom curls up and his poor ears are exposed.  Maybe scarves next.

11 November 2012

Changing the Tires

Kevin put the winter tires on our car yesterday and with Henry as his sidekick it was honestly so much fun.  Henry loves to do anything with cars so he was into it.  He liked to lean the wheel covers on the back of the car and say it was a Jeep (because we always identify Jeeps by their spare tire on the back) and just play with them.  He loved when Daddy rolled the wheel down the driveway and chased after it.  And he loved unscrewing the bolts with his hand after Daddy had loosened them.  He was really good at this and we all thought it was pretty crazy awesome that our 2.5 year old was actually helping.  Still cannot believe how great having a kid is, especially this kid!  

10 November 2012

Play Tent 2

So I did it.  I made a second play tent cover.  I just couldn't stop thinking about how I could make it better and really isn't that what making your own stuff is all about - coming up with new ideas and just doing what you have the urge to do.  
So it turned out Henry was not into hanging out and playing or reading in his tent but he was really into playing peekaboo with it.  So this one has way more peekaboo holes including 3 with curtains for real surprise peekaboos.  Of course this meant that this one was quite a bit more work which also meant that quite a few times I regretted undertaking play tent #2 but not until I was so far into it that I did not want to give up.  
Henry definitely prefers the new play tent with all its peekaboo holes and secret entrances.  So I think it was worth it.  Henry and Bridget had fun playing with it together on Friday.  Seriously, Henry loved peeking in at her, yelling peekaboo and she laughed and smiled when he did it.  It was awesome!  
*note that they are holding hands in this picture!!!!  

07 November 2012

the week

Some of my favourite photos from this past week:


02 November 2012

Halloween 2012

A record of our halloween.  It was a great one.