26 September 2012

And a purple pair too

These pants are so easy to make I made her a purple pair too.

25 September 2012

New Pants for Bridget

Bridget has outgrown most of her 'newborn baby gift' clothes and others have been put away because they were for summer.  She still has enough clothes but now she doesn't have so many that it would feel silly to sew for her.  So she got some new mommy-made pants today.  Just super simple knit pants made using this old method.  I even kept the hem of the T-shirt they were made from so they were super quick to make.  

I'm getting her to practice her sitting too (looking forward to being able to just plop her on the floor).  At 4 1/2 months she can sit on her own for a couple seconds at a time and for much longer with just a few cushions for support.  

17 September 2012


Nothing to report.  Here are some of my favourite pictures from the weekend.


11 September 2012

A Dress

I think I may have done it - made myself the perfect dress.  If there's one thing I don't like about nursing, it's that I can't wear dresses (and if I'm honest, as much as I love it, there are really several things I don't like about nursing but this one sticks out).  I love wearing dresses in the summer.  And of course it's really no big deal to not be able to wear dresses but it can sometimes feel like a big deal, just a nasty restriction, just not being able to do it makes me want to do it so badly.

So my perfect dress has buttons of course.  Yes I sewed all those buttons and buttonholes!  I learned how to use my machine's automatic buttonhole maker of course.  Undoing buttons is still more annoying than lifting a top but she's nursing less and less often so I am happy to undo a few buttons each time.

It's got lots of gathering around the shoulders/arms so lots of freedom of movement.  And with the belt I don't feel too frumpy (a little frumpy is ok in my books).

I had to change the sleeves because they were much too poofy at first which of course pushed the frumpiness past my limit and also meant I couldn't roll them up.  

I added some patch pockets because I hate not having pockets and I think it adds to the casual look as well.

And I used some fabric I got a while ago from the fabric store that has a nice drape - so hard to find fabric with a nice drape and I am learning more and more how important it is! 

It took me about 6 weeks on and off to make it (yes I think I am a slow sewer).  It was nice to work on something slowly for a change, not expecting to get it done by the end of the day leant a different atmosphere to my sewing.  

I have only worn it once but I really think it is a keeper.  And really even when I say that on the blog I often end up not wearing it.  But I think this time it's true.  

Sewing clothes is really a bit insane, at least in this day and age.  Not only are you putting money and time and effort into a garment without trying it on first but without even seeing it!!  So really I shouldn't be surprised that I so often end up not liking what I sew.  I guess the only surprise is that I keep doing it.    But for now I do, it's still fun.  I definitely still love the anticipation of seeing how it ends up.  And I love the 'coming up with ideas' part, can't give that up.  And sitting down at the sewing machine or crouching on the floor with the scissors with Coronation Street on the computer is just nice, I just like it for some reason.  

Tibetan Momos


Henry and I made Tibetan momos yesterday.  Just little steamed buns with potato filling from the recipe here.  It was really fun.  Henry got to dump the flour and water together and then play with the dough like play dough.  And he did great playing all by himself while I got onto other things in the kitchen.  Even made himself a car and a snake.  That big thing he is holding up below is also apparently a car but some of his other cars were much more car-like.  

And then later we got the dough out again to roll it out and put in the filling.  And Henry really helped.  He put the filling in and then with a little help from me he squeezed it together.  Baking together just got even more fun!  I am trying to think of other similar things we can make.  

So then we steamed the momos (Henry LOVED saying momo).  And we ate them with a curried cauliflower soup.  And they were really good.  I thought Henry would be more into trying them since he made them himself but no.  He held it up to the camera but that was about all he wanted to do with it.