29 May 2012

2 Kids

Here is documentation of today, my first day alone with 2 kids.  It was a big success.  

We took the car out to a couple shops in the morning (including mine and Henry's favourite thrift store where he was allowed to pick out 2 cars to take home and I was allowed to buy a couple little girl dresses for the first time!).  And we walked to the playground in the afternoon.  Bridget was happy in the stretchy wrap and she's so small tucked up on my chest that I could still play and even go down the slide with Henry.  

And I also managed to put away a load of laundry and have dinner on the table at 5.  But I'm sure I won't be so productive every day - I was totally psyched up for my first day of being supermom, ready for a challenge.  

Bridget had one fussy period in the morning which took quite a lot of shushing and rocking before she could calm down and get to sleep.  (She seems to be turning into quite the fussy baby!)  But Henry does not like her crying and he is quick to tell me she needs mommy milk or she needs a hug.  So Henry was happy to play on his own while I helped Bridget.  

Henry is going through some sort of transition with his sleep schedule that we have yet to figure out.  I was looking out for signs of sleepiness in the early afternoon but he showed none until right at 5 (which I ignored because I did not want him to start a nap so late).  And then he fell asleep while playing on the floor.  
It was awesome - he just started moving the car around more and more slowly with his eyes slowly drooping until he pulled the car in for a hug and fell asleep.  (So asleep that he didn't wake up when Kevin changed his poopy diaper!)  And now 4 hours later (9 pm!) he is still asleep... so we definitely have to figure out a new sleep schedule for him.  

So I am definitely feeling good about this 2 kid thing.  Of course if I know anything about kids it's that they change constantly so who knows what I'll be saying next week.

Bridget in the stretchy wrap

ready for a trip to the park with Mommy and Baby Bridget

loads of fun to be had with a puddle and 2 new cars

asleep mid-play

26 May 2012

Sun Hat for Henry

This is another project that I was working on in my last few weeks of pregnancy.  I made a sun hat for Henry since he has outgrown the hats I made him last year.  I used the same pattern from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew but in a bigger size.  
I chose to make it simple to go with everything and light to keep him cool.  And he likes it.  Luckily he is into wearing hats so far this year and he likes this one.  He has already gotten lots of use out of it, here are some pictures. 


25 May 2012

Henry's Baby

In my last few weeks of pregnancy I was finishing up this project.  It is the baby doll and doll quilt from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings.  It was a pretty fun project.  The doll is super super simple and kind of ends up looking like an alien.  And the quilt was fun.  But the quilt ended up being quite a bit of work and it turned out really well and if I'd known it was going to be that much work and that it was going to turn out well I would have rather made a real quilt I think instead of a doll's quilt, oh well.  
We gave it to Henry shortly after Bridget's arrival and he loved it.  I wasn't really expecting him to since he's been on a cars only kick for several months.  And he quickly got bored of it but the first day or two he did love it.  He said it was a "cookie man baby" since it looks like a gingerbread man.  And he likes to pretend to take bites out of it too.  

He was really into spreading out the blanket and getting Daddy to help him change the baby's diaper on it.  He wanted to do that again and again and again until Kevin couldn't stand to do it even one more time.  

 showing it to baby Bridget:

changing the diaper with Daddy:

wiping the baby's bum:

he still loves baby Bridget:

22 May 2012


We are doing great over here.  The first five days I was feeling very sore and just like I was waiting to recover but then all at once I started feeling pretty great.  I am still taking it easy - have to save my energy for when Kevin goes back to work next week.  But I have been on a walk and been out gardening already.  

Bridget is a pretty perfect baby so far.  She is a champion nurser and gained 5 oz in her first week. And already I can get her latched on in the night without getting up or even turning the light on so I am even well rested.

Henry still loves Baby Bridget.  Likes to give her "nosies".  And tells us when she's crying that she wants Mommy milk.  So far no jealousy.  And he loves that we have been having lots of visitors and the visitors have even brought him presents so he sure is happy.

Of course it is more work having a toddler and a newborn but it is also the best of two worlds.  Henry is talking and talking and frequently making us laugh or just marvel at his cuteness.  And Bridget is a 24/7 hug.  Life is pretty great right now.

16 May 2012

Baby Bridget

Baby Bridget was born Monday 14 May at 10:15 pm.  So far everything is perfect.  I didn't get my home birth, we went to the hospital when my water broke and there was meconium in it.  But I did manage my VBAC, a natural birth.  I know there are a million reasons that natural birth is best but I am just so happy to find out what that whole thing is about and what it feels like.  And I am feeling great and little Bridget is doing great too.

Henry so far loves Bridget.  He likes to see what she is doing and comes with me to help change her diaper and check on her.  Henry being a perfect big brother makes it easier but we are still working hard dealing with a toddler and newborn.  Kevin is off work for 2 weeks and is being a huge help.  

So we are all very much in love over here enjoying this special time.  

14 May 2012

Birthday and Mother's Day Weekend

I had an absolutely perfect weekend.  My birthday was Saturday and Mother's Day was Sunday.  And I am 40 weeks pregnant so even without any special day people should be pampering me so it was kind of my weekend.  But I think I did a good job at sharing it with my mum too.  

My mum and sister came to Waterloo for the weekend.  The weather was perfect, Henry was in a good mood (as he always is these days when he's in the company of one of his favourite friends like Auntie Eliza), had some tasty easy meals and cupcakes made by Auntie Eliza, Kevin was super helpful, and the weather was perfect.  We spent lots of time relaxing in the backyard.  And I was feeling really really good - no aches or pains and lots of energy.  Feel like I'd be happy to be pregnant forever.  

Here are some pictures to remember the weekend by.

11 May 2012

As a twosome

I am now 40 weeks pregnant.  And of course I am so excited to meet my new little baby but I know I will also be missing my time as a twosome with Henry.  Because it's really easy just heading out the door with a two year old for a fun adventure.  And it's fun and I love my little Henry and love giving him these fun experiences especially on days like today when he really was having a great time.  So today I managed to get myself up onto my bicycle and drive us to the creek (it is less than a 10 minute ride).
We both had so much fun this time.  Henry alternated between throwing rocks and sand into the water.  And I got to sit in the sun and watch him have a blast.  He's already saying "go to the creek again again".  I promised him we would sometime soon.   

At one point when I was trying to make him smile at the camera I gave myself a rock nose in this way.  It was a hit, here's Henry imitating with a nose and an eye.