24 July 2009

Garden in full bloom

The garden is looking very full right now. We are still only eating peas, raspberries, zucchini, and lettuce from it. But I think it is time to start eating carrots and potatoes too. And collard greens are finally almost ready too. Then we will feel like we are getting a lot from the garden I think.


This week I experimented with a couple of flat breads. Great to have something just to go along with salad. I just did some pizza dough and spread it with garlic and olive oil and then chose toppings. First I did spinach and basil and oregano from the garden, tomato slices, and sundried tomatoes. The second one I used zucchini from the garden along with tomato slices and just garlic.

And for our appetizer we had a couple of carrots from the garden. They tasted pretty much like store bought carrots - I thought they were supposed to taste even better. Oh well.

20 July 2009

Big Pea and Raspberry Harvest

We were both away for 3 days and came home to loads of peas and raspberries to be harvested. The darker raspberries are our first wild raspberries.

13 July 2009


Had our first 2 zucchinis ready this weekend. We put them in a stir fry on Sunday. I will have to look up some more recipes for zucchini as it looks like we might have a lot of zucchini coming.

07 July 2009

2 Year Anniversary

Red Currants

Had a bunch of ripe red currants on the bush. So I made some red currant muffins using my standard berry muffin recipe.


Raspberry season has begun. We've only had a few but there are loads that look just a few days away from being ripe. We're still waiting on the wild raspberries too.

02 July 2009

2 New Veg

I bought 2 brand new (to us) types of vegetable from Bailey's Local Foods recently and today we tried them both. The first was kohlrabi (German for turnip cabbage). I fried it with sugar and nutmeg. We both really liked it. The second was rapini, the leafy Italian broccoli. I just steamed that and neither of us liked it all that much.
I served them with honey baked lentils (http://happyfoody.blogspot.com/2006/10/honey-baked-lentils.html) and roast potatoes. The potatoes were our first taste of local organic potatoes from Bailey's. They were really really good.

Pea Season

Pea season has started. We snacked on a bunch. Still only the Laxton's Progress peas are ready, still waiting for the sugar snaps which should be even tastier I think.