30 January 2012

Knit Toddler Vest

I finished this vest for Henry yesterday. I used this pattern from Vanessa at A Little Original but I got a bit mixed up at the top so mine doesn't sit quite as nicely. And I used some super bulky thick and thin yarn I got from the thrift store in the fall.

I forgot how sweet he looks in a vest and collared shirt, I used to dress him like that a lot last winter. I couldn't get a really good picture of him so instead I am putting up 5 not so good pictures.

29 January 2012


I made myself another top last week. This one is from the translated Japanese sewing book Simple Modern Sewing. I think it is a good book so far, I want to make a bunch more of the things in there but I think they will wait for post pregnancy.

I bought the material for this top new. I was looking for something solid but instead found this navy and white check which is still pretty plain I think. And it is a nice loose weave so drapes nicely.
I do really like this top even though it is not very flattering and makes me look humongous. It looked much nicer on the very thin and small busted Japanese woman in the pattern book. I will definitely wear it while I'm pregnant at least as it's long and comfy. Here's my 25 week belly. This pregnancy is coming along nicely and my back is no longer bothering me now that I am being more careful about carrying Henry too much.
And in Henry news, here he is out at a restaurant in Elora for breakfast yesterday. I thought this would be a really fun treat since Henry loves pancakes so much these days. And he was excited about pancakes as soon as he heard us order it from the waitress but he lost interest after a few bites and went to play on the floor of the restaurant with his toys. Oh well it was still a nice outing.

27 January 2012


Big news! I bought a vitamix. I've owned it for just over a week now and I am in love. After breaking 6 blenders in 4 years (3 of those were $100+ too!), I decided to go crazy and buy the super expensive vitamix. So far I am very happy. I am definitely doing things with it that a regular blender just couldn't handle at all.
Henry and I were both very excited when the box was delivered. He kept saying there were toys inside. But he didn't seem too disappointed when he saw it was a blender instead. He just said "make it smoothie".
One of the first things I made was my very own almond butter which was delicious. I was thinking it might be one of those things that tasted extra good when it's freshly made and the almonds are freshly roasted. But no, it tasted exactly like the stuff that you buy. But I'm sure it is cheaper and it was super easy.
I'm making smoothies like always. But now they are much much smoother and I can put lots of cashews and almonds in and even a raw carrot. And it blends up the seeds from raspberries. We haven't had a single one of Henry's straw cups get blocked since we got it.
Both Henry and Lightning McQueen approve of the new smoothies. I have started drinking them too.
And today I tried this recipe for strawberry parfait made from strawberries and cashews. I admit the first bite tasted like cashews but by the second bite I didn't notice, it just tasted really good. And Henry really liked it which is a big deal since he is still not eating much.
Kevin and I are really loving a chocolate pudding I've been making in the vitamix using chia seeds and I will post the recipe for that soon. We didn't like the vitamix recipe for hummus but I did LOVE that the vitamix could easily make a double sized recipe of hummus - that's a litre of hummus, about a week's supply for us over here. AND I love that instead of using tahini, which is so annoying to scoop out and measure and makes a big mess, I can just use sesame seeds and the vitamix will turn it into tahini! What I think I will appreciate most though is not having to replace the blender in 6 months.
Today we are having a snow day. We needed some snow to replace the stuff we lost in the last week of warm temperatures and rain. We missed our playgroup today because I didn't want to drive in the blizzard so Henry and I will spend the day hanging around the house. Playing with toys and watching the snow and snuggling. It is looking less windy now, we'll have to go play outside soon.

24 January 2012

Valentine's Decorations

I enjoyed the Christmas decorations so much this year that I was starting to feel sad about taking them down way back in December. So even before Christmas I was planning some nice Valentine's decorations and even ordering supplies. And I love them.

This banner I made with some paper hearts that I ordered off Etsy. It was inspired by a million similar ones I've seen around the internet. I especially love this as I think it's quite classy. And the little hearts are so small and delicate that they move ever so slightly when the heating is going. I just sewed through the hearts on the sewing machine - the trickiest part was holding two hearts together while I sewed, next time I try something like this it will be with something double sided.

I also ordered these vintage valentines off Etsy just for fun. I picked animal ones - Kevin enjoys the puns and Henry enjoys pointing at the animals.

To hang from the chandelier I sewed up these hearts from some pink and red fabric that I love but is too nasty and synthetic feeling to use for anything else. I like the think this one was all my idea.

And I have dreams of doing valentines crafts with Henry one day. I don't know if these count as he didn't know what he was doing. But I cut these hearts out of some cardstock that Henry painted and coloured on and then just taped them to some strings. To get the heart shaped I used the cutting machine at the Early Years Centre where I take Henry to play and it is really fun - lots of possibilities!

I love my decorated living and dining room and I love making new traditions and rituals. Especially colourful ones in this particularly dreary winter we are having.

22 January 2012

A Maternity Top

I got back into some sewing last week and made myself this maternity top. I used this awesome vintage pattern.
If it wasn't so fiddly I'd want to make another one, well maybe in another month or so I'll try a sleeveless version. But I am definitely in the mood for something simple for my next sewing project. And I think I also want to go buy some plain fabric. I have a closet full of these loud prints (that is what ends up in thrift stores for some reason...) and always feel that I should use them up but I know I will get more wear out of something more plain.
And here's a 24 week belly shot. This baby is coming along nicely. I have been having some back troubles but I think I just have to be more firm about not carrying Henry.
And here's Henry still getting lots of wear out of the sweater I sewed for him a year ago (and it's held up really well even though it was made pre-serger). And a shot of him in it in November 2010 for comparison, I remember that baby.

19 January 2012


We had our first proper snow of the winter today. It was storming all morning but when it died down in the afternoon Henry and I made sure to get out in it.

We started off shovelling the driveway but then when we tried the sled and found Henry loved it we were off on an adventure in our neighbourhood park. He loved going down the slight hill in his sled (was too scary for him last year). And then we went on an adventure through the woods.
I pulled him up a gradual hill and then he walked a bit (helping to push the sled up too!) and then I carried him up the last steep bit so we could sit and get one of my favourite Waterloo views. I then wasn't sure how to get down that steep bit and ended up sliding down on my bum with Henry on my lap. It sure was steep and we ended up going really fast, luckily I only hit my tail bone once and not too hard. And then I let him slide down the rest on his sled, grabbing the sled every once in a while to steer it through the trees.
And of course then there was the problem. I told him we could go up the hill again if he walked the whole way or we could just go home. Of course he didn't want to do either but after some deliberation we decided to go home and then there was a half hour of crying about wanting to go up the mountain again. But he's ok now and I think we both mostly remember the awesome fun time.

17 January 2012


This crazy warm weather isn't so appreciated when it's raining out. So we haven't ventured outside much the past 2 days. We have been out and about in the car though, now that Henry is not sick anymore. Yesterday we went to a playgroup and today we went swimming, both were fun for both of us.

And Henry's been doing some serious playing in the house. He's loving playing with all his various little figurines and people. He pushes them around in his doll stroller, feeds them smoothie, plays with them in the dollhouse (even rocking and singing the baby to sleep and making the baby and mommy lay in bed for mommy milk time - so sweet!), and pushes them down his slide when they're feeling adventurous. I just love seeing him play in this way and it has been letting me get lots done - the kitchen has been clean for 2 days straight and I even cleaned out the car!