31 August 2010


I finally made a well fitting pair of pants for Henry. I had tried a couple of times a few months ago but they never fit quite right. Usually I underestimated the huge rise you need for the bum with a diaper (and it looks expecially huge when the legs are so short).

I copied some size 9 months pants that are fitting him well right now but still have growing room as well. And I even made a paper pattern so now I can do some more and know that they should turn out well. I've already collected some old sweaters from the basement.

These ones were made from an old T-shirt of mine and I like how the wide band at the bottom looks.

17 August 2010

A morning in the garden

Henry and I spent some time in the garden this morning. I picked some tomatoes and lettuce for a salad for lunch, we already have some garden cucumber in the fridge. I also picked some mint to dry for tea. We have also been eating plenty of zucchini, potatoes, and green beans from the garden. And Henry tasted the grass, he seemed to think it tasted just about as disgusting as the squash I fed him yesterday.

Henry's first meal

Henry had his first meal yesterday. We gave him some baked delicata squash from the garden. We mushed it with some milk to make it nice and runny. The squash was ready but it was still a bit early so it wasn't sweet at all. At first he seemed to like it but by the end it was clear that he thought it tasted horrible! I saved a little more in the fridge to let him try it again tonight.

Here he is foraging for his dinner

Posing with his catch

And here he is eating it, still seeming like he might enjoy it
And here where it is clear he hates it

Henry Sits!

Henry's sitting skills have really improved this week. He still can't pull himself up on his own but he can stay sitting for a long time. He only occasionally falls. Now I can take such good pictures of him - just have him sit in front of any background. These are pictures I took in the backyard.

13 August 2010

Harvest time

The garden is very full right now. Very very full in fact since all week it's been either too wet or too hot and humid to go out work on it. We have tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, and I'm sure we have enough potatoes that I could sneak some out next time we want some for dinner.

Here is what I collected for dinner last night. We had pasta with roasted vegetables and sundried tomatoes from last year and salad with lots of arugula and nasturtium that had seeded itself from last year.

A week away

We spent a week at a cottage in Quebec with Kevin's family. It was really nice - big strawbale cottage, nice small warm lake, and lots of relaxing.
This is where we stayed: