03 January 2011

A Case for my Knitting Needles: A Tutorial

I made myself a roll up case for my knitting needles. I can see which sizes I have and find them easily. And I got to use some fun fabrics that are a bit loud for anything else I might usually want to sew. And I even put spaces for removable/interchangeable labels to mark the sizes. There are already a few tutorials for knitting needle cases out there on the internet but I thought I'd add mine. And I think the label bit might be a new idea and is definitely a good idea, if I may say so myself.

I chose to make 16 pockets and each pocket 1 and 1/2 inches wide which worked out well.

First gather the materials, fabric that's a bit stiff like home decorating fabric:
outer fabric: 16" x 26"
inner main fabric: 16" x 26"
pocket fabric: 13" x 26"
clear plastic (you know that thick stuff from packaging for duvet, changing pad etc): 1 1/2" x 26"
ribbon for tie: 2 pieces about 15" each
elastic: 26"

Iron the pocket material in half. I also used the iron on a low setting to get rid of wrinkles in the clear plastic. I carefully passed the plastic under some fabric with the iron on top.

Now take the strip of plastic and sew it onto the pocket material about an inch down from the folded top. Just sew one line along the bottom. To keep the plastic in place without putting holes in it use some tape.

Place the pocket material on top of the inside fabric and pin in place. Line up the elastic where you want it, about 3 inches down from the top of the inside fabric. Pin the elastic in place.

Next step is to sew up segments to make the individual pockets. Take a ruler and draw lines using chalk or disappearing ink all along the length of the case 1 and 1/2 inches apart. Be sure to leave at least a half inch space on each side of the case. Draw lines on the pocket material and on the elastic. And then sew it up, pockets and elastic. Be sure to go back and forth on the elastic several times since it is such a short bit to sew.

Now it looks like this:

Now flip it over and on top of the outside fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Put the ribbons on the side (same side). Pin and sew around leaving about a 6 inch opening for turning. /you want to have some space after the pocket on each side (for turning and top stitching).

Clip corners:

And turn right side out so you have this:

And then top stitch so you have this: the completed knitting needle case.

Load it up with your knitting needles and cut paper labels (a thick paper works best for slipping into the pockets).

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