26 April 2012

Nursing Cushion Covers

It's been so long since I've completed a "project" that I wanted to post this even though it's a bit blah and even more blah in pictures.  I made 2 new nursing pillow covers.  I use my nursing pillow a lot.  I was still using it most times I nursed Henry when he was 13 or 15 months old.  I used to get him set up and browse the internet while he lay on the cushion and nursed.  If he was ready for a nap he would just fall asleep like that and I would transfer him to his playpen for a nap.  There were times last year when I was thinking I really shouldn't get into the habit of having baby #2 only learn to fall asleep nursing, but in reality I'm sure I will do it again - it was just so easy.  (Note that, since it's easier to use the mouse with my right hand, this is one of the reasons I ended up nursing on just one side for our whole second year of nursing - must really make sure I don't let that happen again.)

I did make one of my own covers last time around but this time I had the idea to use knit fabric.  So they are very nice and soft.  And super easy to make because of course they conform and stretch to the shape of the cushion so much better than a woven even if the shape is not dead on.  And I can just stretch them over the cushion and close them up with a little draw string on one end of the tube instead of an envelope back closure.  

Nothing much else to report, we are still mostly just playing.

25 April 2012


We have graduated from big lego to middle-sized lego around here.  Henry can't push the pieces together nearly as well as he could with the big lego but he is getting there and Kevin and I are having a whole lot more fun with the duplo.  
We actually made a trip to Value Village on the weekend to stock up on more lego. (We were easily using up all our lego on one structure and then having nothing left to play with if the structure was too cool to knock down right away.)
Henry still loves his usual activities with the lego.  Helping make towers and more importantly knocking them down.  And playing with cars that we make for him out of the lego.  Our new Value Village set even came with some Lightning Mcqueen pieces (not all of the Lightning Mcqueen pieces so it looks a bit funny but Henry doesn't mind).
Here are a whole bunch of pictures of Henry and Daddy playing lego together on the weekend.  They were so sweet playing together, how could I not take this many pictures?

Ready for Baby

We are feeling really ready for this baby.  The waiting is much much different than waiting for Henry was 2 years ago.  We are not anxious or wishing away the weeks, we have the most perfect two year old to distract us.  And I honestly don't want these last few weeks to speed by, I will happily stay pregnant and keep enjoying the waiting for my baby.  I am really loving and appreciating these last few weeks as a family of 3, these last few weeks of giving Henry all my attention, of asking Henry what he wants to do and then doing it.

But it feels good to have everything ready for baby too.

Home birth supplies (for the water tub too) and hospital bag all ready.

And the baby's room is all ready, and all clothes are washed and waiting.  I thought I'd take some pictures while it is nice and tidy.  (Henry's room never looks anything like this anymore.)

I didn't go for any theme, just used the new room as a place to hang up anything I love.  I love that wall hanging I found in a thrift store months and months ago.  And I put pictures from an old kid's book in those frames that I had lying around and even got to use existing nail holes for them.

This tea towel I just think is the most beautiful interesting tea towel ever and I'm so glad to finally have a place to display it.  I used the table saw to cut some appropriately sized bits of wood for the top and bottom and then just used the staple gun to attach the tea towel and the bit of twine for hanging. 

So we're all ready.  Just enjoying our last few weeks pre-baby #2.  Henry is really doing well at sleeping all through the night on his own in his bed in his room.  But we are still letting/encouraging him to come into our bed for an hour or two of snuggling in the morning.  It is just so lovely I don't want to give it up.  I think that when the baby comes we might just attempt squishing the four of us in there for a couple hours each morning.  Or we could always buy a king size bed (and a house with a bigger bedroom to fit it!)

22 April 2012

37 Weeks

We took some time to take some maternity pictures today.  Since they were mostly going to be the same as with my previous pregnancy we focussed on taking pictures with Henry.  He was surprisingly co-operative and there are a few that I just love.  

I really wanted to do the pictures outside but we are having very cold weather and I didn't want to risk leaving it till the weather improved and missing out.  So I might do another session in a couple weeks if the weather ever gets warm.

Henry still likes talking about the baby and giving it hugs and kisses.  He also tells me to "cover baby" sometimes when he's not in the mood.  He also found all the old baby toys that I had out to clean and he loves those.  

20 April 2012

Just some pictures from this past week.  We are still taking it easy over here.




15 April 2012

Easter at Nana's

Henry is enjoying his second Easter. He did really well at finding eggs on his own this weekend, we thought he'd need help. We gave him a head start once the eggs were hidden and he found quite a few and was very happy to see they had chocolate in them. He's enjoying the extra attention but he only wants it from Aunt Eliza this weekend and I think she is getting a bit worn out.

13 April 2012


Just some pictures from our day of nice weather. It was a windy week so this was the first day we spent much time outside. I had also been wearing myself out in the morning so that by the time it was warm enough to go out in the afternoon I was too exhausted. I made sure not to do that today and had lots of energy left for the afternoon. We even got out on the bike.
I know Henry had a great time because he kept telling me. At the park and in the backyard he said several times "Henry having fun". He even made the sentence longer and said "Henry having fun playing with water". It is so much fun to hear him talk these days. He's also quite into saying "Henry loves Mommy" (and big bird and helping) so life just couldn't get any better.
And here's a shot with the 36 week belly. It's getting close!