15 December 2010

The Dino Puppet Pattern and Tutorial

I have a pattern uploaded and a tutorial made for that dino puppet I created for Henry a few weeks ago. It is a simple hand puppet that you can make talk. It is sized for an adult hand.

Click here to download the pattern.   Sorry I have lost track of the pattern.

And here is a little tutorial to explain how to make it.

You need just around a quarter yard of material but you'll want at least a different colour for the teeth. I like to use felt because it's a nice stiffness. Part of what makes it look like a dinosaur is the poof of the head so you need something a bit stiff.

So step one download and print the pattern pieces. They are very simple and there is lots of room for error so you could definitely look at the pieces and just approximate them.

First pin the top of the head to the main head piece like so:

And sew:

Next pin the throat to the main head piece:

Try to make the bottom jaw approrimately the same size as the top jaw (have the same amount of orange between the brown on top and bottom like in the below picture).

Sew the throat piece to the main head piece and you should have something like this:

Now pin the mouth pieces into the open mouth area. Try to fill the space that is naturally created without stretching it out. If you have to cut away some excess mouth that is ok.

The mouth piece that you cut in half should be on top of the other mouth piece while it's in this inside out state.

Sew the mouth piece on. You'll turn at the corners of the mouth. This is a good time not to worry about little imperfections like bunching.

All sewed up:

And turn it inside out and you'll have something like this:

Now just hand sew on the teeth. Be sure to line up the two front teeth with the front of the mouth. And sew some buttons on for eyes. I like to use a thick thread like embroidery floss in a colour that contrasts the button to create pupils. And Voila! Loads of fun!


  1. Hi - the megaupload link no longer works... any chance you could post it somewhere else? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your interest, but I'm sorry to say I haven't even kept track of the pattern since getting a new computer. Good luck finding something else!