29 January 2009

Too much snow

This is the first time this winter that I've been unhappy about snow. Kevin's in Toronto for work and I was going to do go to Canadian Tire and Home Depot to do some shopping for all the projects I've been planning. But then yesterday it snowed almost 15 cm so I thought I'd go today instead. But as soon as I got out of school it was snowing again! So I forced myself on the bike with the bike trailer and made it to Canadian Tire anyway.

I got some of the stuff I wanted. Got stuff to make a little PVC pipe hoop hoop house cold frame ( but can't really make it till I can put the stakes in the ground anyway). And some little wire shelves so I can fit more seedlings in front of my one South facing window. And I really like the shelves. Will post a picture in month or so once they have some seedlings on them. (Eliot Coleman says to start tomato plants 7 weeks before planting so it won't be that long till I plant).

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