16 February 2010

My first real piece of furniture - an end table

I just finished up my first real piece of furniture that I made all by myself. And I really like how it turned out, now I have a million ideas about other pieces of furniture that I could make in this style.

It is great because it didn't take too long to make and it's all cheap wood but still solid. The leg pieces are 2x4 material and the top is a bit of pine laminate left over from when we made the shelves. I used a jig saw, drill, and router to do the carved out leg and I was surprised at how quickly it could be done (other than stupid sanding of course).

I wanted a very tiny table that I could move around the living room for when I want to sit in one of the spaces where there's nowhere to put my drink close enough to me. Sometimes I just don't want to lean over to the coffee table, I want something beside me. This table is perfect for that.

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