08 October 2010

RIM Park

The weather was beautiful yesterday. Warm and Sunny. Henry and I went a walk in Hillside Park and Henry smiled at the ducks. Then he played in the backyard, ate a lot of dirt, while I did some knitting while wearing just a T-shirt. And after dinner I wanted to continue making the most of the nice weather so we went for a walk at RIM Park. But by then it was quite a bit less warm. And there were almost no fall colours there.

But the awesome part of going in the evening is we saw white tailed deer which we've never seen before. And I had no idea that white tailed deer were so different than other deer. Their white tails are huge! You couldn't see the tails much when they were just standing there but when they were leaping away they had these 1 foot long bushy white tails sticking straight up. It was really cool.

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