29 May 2013

Bridget at 1 Year Old

So I'm done with blogging for the foreseeable future but I have something that I want to write down so I'm putting it here.

Here are some things I want to remember about Bridget at 1 year old:

She's into clapping.

Her favourite thing to say is a sound that we think is like 'uh-oh'.  And she loves it when we repeat the sound she makes - it makes her laugh and laugh when we do that.

She loves looking at books and will sit on her own in the living room with a pile of baby books for a half hour or more.  She only occasionally likes being read to though because she usually wants to grab the book herself.

She eats mostly everything but just in the past couple weeks we are seeing hints of pickiness.  She often drops the things she doesn't like (like eggplant) off her high chair tray.  Yesterday she ignored her bean salad and just cried until I gave her one of the tortilla chips I was eating.  And she doesn't like bananas.

She still slithers to get around even though she can crawl properly.  She can pull herself up to standing when holding onto something.  But she's not moving her feet along at all.

She likes it when Daddy plays guitar.  She likes playing songs on her little toy pianos.

She doesn't like when we go over bumps in the stroller.

The easiest way to get her to sleep is to carry her in the ergo.

She can be very clingy to Mommy.


  1. I'm sad that there is no more life on Willowdale :( Enjoyed all of your shared creativity. I always felt that a lot of the style had a very seventies vibe to it, is that just me? Loved your DIY Mantra. Hope you and your family are doing well. Keep up the good work.

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