17 February 2009

New Home for the Worms!

I finished (well I might still paint/stain and try to fix the wobble) my new worm home/composter. It is extra exciting because it is my first project that I have made in my home workshop with my new vise and saws.
I followed this instructable

This is mine:

I'm not sure about keeping it in the kitchen but maybe if I stain it I will think it looks nice enough.

I got them a year ago and this is where they used to live in a closet in a spare bedroom. It was really cool to open them up this time. I hadn't given them any food for over a month and so when I opened it it was actually all compost well except for th potatoes which are what you see growing. I guess they don't like potatoes - maybe because they grow instead of decomposing. Before I could always tell that they had "eaten" some of the stuff I gave them but it's cooler to see it all turned into compost.

This is them in their new home.

And I gave them some more food including some of the tons of tea bags we went through this weekend when my Mum was here. I made sure to give them a variety now that I know they can be picky.

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