28 February 2009

First batch of seedlings planted

Today I planted my first seeds. I did tomatoes (cherry, regular, and some yellow with pink and red stripes variety that I accidentally bought last year) on the top shelf, herbs (cilantro, basil, oregano) on the middle shelf, and on the bottom shelf I put some of my mesclun mix in a pot and am hoping they will get big enough to eat indoors. And I put a glass plate on top of the pot to make a little green house which I thought was a brilliant idea. I also had my first go of harvesting compost out of my new worm house. It was pretty easy but there were still a few silly worms down at the bottom with the compost. But still WAY better than before.

And while I was in the plant area I noticed some new growth on the top of my mango plant that I thought was slowly dying!

And I also noticed a hole big cluster of buds ready to flower on my lemon tree. We had two flowers open at the same time earlier this week and so I bought a little paint brush and tried to pollinate but one of the flowers fell off as I was doing it so I guess if it was the male that's ok but if it was the female then it was no good... if that's how it works. But when this cluster gets going I'm bound to have some successful pollination.

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