01 October 2009

Cottage Pie with Cabbage

Out of the cabbage patch we only got one nice big cabbage and it's been a good size for a few weeks now but I was leaving it in the garden until I was ready to eat it. And of course after it's survived all these months and turned into a beautiful full grown head of cabbage, now the slugs become interested in it. All of a sudden it got attacked and I lost about half of it.

But after cutting it up, I still got quite a lot - so much that I think I will try cutting into some of the smaller cabbage heads, probably enough in there to make it worthwhile.

The only thing I know that I like with cabbage is sweet and sour cabbage and because this is the combination I always had when I was growing up I only think it goes with cottage pie. So that is what we had for dinner tonight. It was good and used up some potatoes and carrots (including that curly carrot!) from the garden plus oregano and some mushrooms from our basement
mushroom garden.

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