23 June 2012

DSLR Day One

So I made the decision this week to get myself a DSLR camera.  Ever since Henry was born I think about it every 6 months or so but the lists of pros and cons that I find on the internet have always convinced me that it's not for me.  A big thing that turned me off was everyone on the internet saying "If you're just going to use it in auto mode you may as well get a good point and shoot instead".  My mum bought herself a DSLR a few months ago and is still working in auto mode and seeing her pictures had me convinced that that was not true.  

Pictures just look better.  No matter how unskilled a photographer you are, the lens is better and pictures will look better.  And even in the auto modes you have more control over the focus.  And you can take pictures so quickly.  And with a toddler being able to quickly get the shot before they run away is almost worth the $700 camera all on its own.  

I think I do want to slowly learn some of the manual settings but I figure it's no big deal if I never get round to it.  I spend a lot of time on photography (taking pictures, sorting through them) and so I feel like I want to get the best pictures possible.  But I also like the idea of learning a new skill in that time.  

I decided on the Canon T3i and went out and bought it this morning.  Here are some of my pictures from day one with my new camera.  (Yes I feel like even a crummy picture of Henry's toys looks good with my new camera!)

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