19 June 2012

The garden

The garden is doing well so far this year.  Actually it feels like everything is getting a slow start but I think it feels like that every year. 

 a new addition: hops! 
We are excited about these.  I always plant hot peppers in an effort to get Kevin more interested in the garden but it has never really worked, hops however seem to be doing it. 

The plants in the greenhouse are doing great!  I only put a few each of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in there.  I kind of forgot about the greenhouse, thinking I couldn't start using it till I had done the weather proofing to seal all the cracks which of course is not important in this hot weather.  And I haven't bought or made proper shelves for it yet so there's not much room for much more.  This season should help me figure out the best way to do the shelves in there (hadn't really thought about the climbing plants before now).  So I want to read about growing in pots and do all or most of my cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers in there next year and maybe even try eggplants again.  Or I could go crazy and try something fun like cantaloupe!

I am excited wondering how much food we'll get out of the garden this year but for now we are just getting lettuce.

And we are enjoying hanging out back there too!

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