08 August 2012

Growing Up

Both my babies are growing up.  Both learning new things all the time.  So far I have yet to really feel that "they're growing up too fast" feeling.  I know Henry is a little less cute than he was last year.  And last year was oh so fun when everything he was doing was "for the first time".  But honestly he is more of a real person now, we have little conversations, and all in all he is more fun.

And I thought I would enjoy baby number 2 in a different way, being more into "cherishing the moment".  But this time I know that she is going to be more fun in a few months when she smiles and reacts more and starts to really play.  She is smiling more and more each week but I am still waiting for her to smile more.

But I should mention that at the same time I am cherishing the moment.  Really I'm not waiting for anything even though I know some things are going to get better.  I am enjoying my perfect little kids to the max.

 Bridget's latest milestone is rolling over.  I have yet to see her do it but I am 100% positive that I did not leave her in this position so she must be moving and rolling from back to front already at 2.5 months.

And suddenly this morning Henry can open his own pistachios.  He saw the big bag of unsalted pistachios at the grocery store yesterday and got excited so of course I bought them for him.  That kid loves nuts! 

I apologize if that last picture is a bit gross.  He is showing me the pistachio that he opened himself.  I may be blinded to the grossness by the fact that he is my own kid.  I am still changing his poopy diapers after all - how could anything he does be grosser than that!?

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