22 August 2012

The Garden

Lots of exciting stuff going on in the late summer garden.  We are eating loads of tomatoes and cucumbers from back there and we are scrounging for just enough lettuce to go with them.  I'm not sure if I'll have quite enough tomatoes at any point to turn on the dehydrator.  Especially now that we have really got the hang of eating loads of little tomatoes - lots of salads and falafels.  
It has been really fun picking with Henry this year.  He's always happy to go picking when I suggest it.  And he's very good at only picking the red and orange tomatoes.  Only once did he wander into the house with 2 hot peppers that were not ready to be picked.  
We are getting a few peppers.  The greenhouse seems to have helped but still the yield from each plant is very low.  And my hot peppers never turn out hot!  Just can't seem to figure out peppers.
We are also currently enjoying a second crop of wild raspberries.  Henry is especially pleased.
And we're enjoying just being in the backyard.  We've been having really nice weather and spending lots of time back there.  

With the cooler temperatures and the dry crinkly weeds it is really feeling like the end of summer.  But we thoroughly enjoyed our summer this year, got out and did lots of summer activities so we are ready for the transition to fall to begin.  Putting on jeans and a sweater feels pretty nice right now actually.

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