11 September 2012

Tibetan Momos


Henry and I made Tibetan momos yesterday.  Just little steamed buns with potato filling from the recipe here.  It was really fun.  Henry got to dump the flour and water together and then play with the dough like play dough.  And he did great playing all by himself while I got onto other things in the kitchen.  Even made himself a car and a snake.  That big thing he is holding up below is also apparently a car but some of his other cars were much more car-like.  

And then later we got the dough out again to roll it out and put in the filling.  And Henry really helped.  He put the filling in and then with a little help from me he squeezed it together.  Baking together just got even more fun!  I am trying to think of other similar things we can make.  

So then we steamed the momos (Henry LOVED saying momo).  And we ate them with a curried cauliflower soup.  And they were really good.  I thought Henry would be more into trying them since he made them himself but no.  He held it up to the camera but that was about all he wanted to do with it.  

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