11 November 2012

Changing the Tires

Kevin put the winter tires on our car yesterday and with Henry as his sidekick it was honestly so much fun.  Henry loves to do anything with cars so he was into it.  He liked to lean the wheel covers on the back of the car and say it was a Jeep (because we always identify Jeeps by their spare tire on the back) and just play with them.  He loved when Daddy rolled the wheel down the driveway and chased after it.  And he loved unscrewing the bolts with his hand after Daddy had loosened them.  He was really good at this and we all thought it was pretty crazy awesome that our 2.5 year old was actually helping.  Still cannot believe how great having a kid is, especially this kid!  


  1. Hey, that’s amazing! Not every kid shows potential at that an early age. And it’s not in a very common field. I couldn’t help but smile. :) Anyway, this experience reminded me that I also need to change my tires. You can’t rely on all-season tires for winter driving, and Henry probably knows that. ;D

  2. It seems that Henry had found the love of his life! Haha! He's enjoying what he is doing, and he's willing to learn, get down and get dirty! Like you said, that's a 2 and a half year-old boy helping his dad finish the task!


  3. Aw. Would you look at that little man! It seems that your son has been bitten by the car love bug this early. He looks so happy and enthusiastic while helping you change tires. In a matter of years, he will be able to do this with flying colors!