03 March 2009

Leftover Porcini Mushrooms

Today I used the porcini mushrooms the were left over from Valentine's to make a creamy pasta. The only porcini mushroom dish we had had before was a creamy pasta that Kevin's mom made a few times and we loved. So I was hoping it would turn out like that. I think it did. Kevin and I both agreed it was really really good. I've made a bunch of different recipes for vegan creamy pasta and I've always liked them but Kevin never has - so finding one he likees is a kind of big deal. I read through a bunch of recipes and tried to pick one that wasn't too nutrional yeast-y (because Kevin wouldn't like that) and not too tofu-y (because Kevin wouldn't like that) and this one was good. I did add a teaspoon of nutritional yeast in the end just because I think nutritional yeast is good in cheese-like recipes even if Kevin doesn't think so.


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