02 April 2009

Cold frame done, chair done

I finished my cold frame that I started making a couple days ago and put it in its spot for now. I still want to paint the window frames (but am not in the mood to do this after just finishing the chair) and I have to experiment with ways to open them for ventilation - might have to add hinges. The windows I got from someone's garbage a few months ago. I have two more so I will make another cold frame. I think I want to wait till I buy a circular saw though because doing them with the jig saw was quite horrible. I'm not sure which veg i will use it for.
And I put my chair in its spot.
And this is a picture of a bunny in the backyard that Kevin took a couple days ago.

1 comment:

  1. Chair looks beautiful!

    I hope that bunny doesn't eat all your vegetables!