10 April 2009

Good Friday

Have my mum and sister over for Good Friday. Made some more hot cross buns of course.
First I finally experimented with trying to make some tasty whole wheat bread like the white bread we've become addicted to. So I used this old recipe that I used to make and just cooked it in the way I cook the white bread. It was pretty good and definitely less dense than it used to be (from making it on a stone instead of inside a pan?) but I think I will make it for using in sandwiches and still make the white bread for eating with dinner. I will have to start adding at least a bit of whole wheat to the white bread recipe.
This is the old whole wheat recipe I used
And this is the new recipe whose cooking method I used

And then since it is Good Friday we had white fish and parsley sauce and mashed potatoes and peas for dinner!

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