24 April 2009

Wildlife Walk

We've been seeing so much wildlife recently and haven't had our camera out that we thought we should go out on a walk looking for wildlife and bring the camera. And we had a lot of luck.
We saw a little snake eating something.
A huge hawk or eagle. We saw a big one like this last night too and got even closer and were so mad we didn't have a camera. We found this one today in almost the same spot. We saw some more smaller hawks or eagles flying overhead tonight too but didn't get any great pictures.
We saw the first ducklings and goslings of the year!

We saw this big thing that we think was a turkey vulture on top of the big Manulife building. We also saw 2 big vultures flying yesterday.
We also saw but didn't get pictures of a muskrat and a glimpse of a heron. Didn't see any turtles today though.

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