14 June 2009

Bailey's Local Foods

Kevin and I have been talking for a while about increasing our grocery budget and trying to eat more local and organic food. We were watching a documentary that mentioned the average American uses more fossil fuels on food than on all their transportation and that did it for us. We are making the move.

The first step was joining our local food buying club, Bailey's Local Foods. It operates out of a church in uptown, just a 10 minute bike ride away. It was really fun ordering my food for the week on the computer. And then picking it up was pretty fun too.

Here's most of what we got this week. I'm especially excited about the 12 kg bags of oats and and flour I got though I haven't yet figured out how to store them. I'm also excited about the white carrots which we haven't tried yet.

We bought some organic mostly pasture fed ground beef to make some hamburger with while we have a roommate with a bbq. I don't usually like to buy meat. So we made hamburgers for the first time. That was not fun, it was actually really gross. They turned out tasty but were really moist, don't know what that means we did wrong.

And then we had some local organic asparagus with the creamy pasta I like to make. The creamy pasta recipe is here:

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