25 June 2009

Garden Update

The garden's getting full. Lots of stuff coming up. We've still mostly been eating lettuce and strawberries.
The romaine lettuce is doing great, we've been eating a lot from here too.And I've started some more various lettuces here.
The cabbage is coming along but I feel like it should be starting to get spherical by now...
Last year our big successes were potatoes and squash. This year we have one great potato patch.
But the big potato patch is mostly barren even though I planted it twice. And I put the squash this year by the side of the house but they don't seem to like it there so I've been planting more sqush everywhere we have room including the barren potato patch.
Here are the peas. Yesterday I added some snow peas to our curry.
The green beans are growing slowly but surely.
Our giant pumpkin for halloween is coming along.
We are very excited about our peach tree. We never thought we'd get peaches in the second year but there seem to be a few. I guess they still might not get big enough to be tasty.
The carrots have big tops. Today I did a bit of thinning and the carrots I pulled actually looked and tasted like carrots!I think the garlic is coming along well. I think I'm supposed to cut off and eat the tops around now, I'll have to look into that.And we have our first tiny baby zucchini showing up.Some of the tomato plants are getting flowers.

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