14 June 2009

First Adventure in Soap Making


Eliza and I made some soap! We went to a soap making workshop last weekend and then we were ready to try it ourselves. We used a recipe that used olive and soybean oil. The lily of the valley infused oil definitely did not work and smelled like rotten flowers. We didn't want to spend money on essential oils while we are still learning so we thought we'd try to get a little scent out of adding lime zest. I don't think I can smell any lime zest but it added an interesting texture/look (except in the places where there's clumps of it in which case it looks pretty gross). And we added turmeric to give it a bit of a peachy colour.

It was pretty fun to make. It was really nice having 2 people especially when trying to get the oil and the lye mixture the same temperature.

The soap seems to have turned out alright. It is crumbly and I looked up that that indicates probably too little water. And it may result in a harsh soap. We can't actually use the soap for 4 weeks so we will see if it is too harsh then. If it is we can leave it longer or rebatch it. We are already planning what to try for our next batch of soap.

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