06 May 2010

Iron Chef Flat bread

I was such an iron chef the other day. We had nothing really but salad in the house for lunch so I was going to walk to the grocery store to get something. And then I thought no, I'll save money and use up stuff in the fridge that I was going to throw away.

So instead of throwing away the old bread dough (bread made with old dough tastes like a mix of alcohol and crackers to me) and tomato with a speck of mould, I used them in a flat bread. I got some chives, oregano, and mache from the garden to add. And I used all those ingredients plus olive oil and garlic to make a tasty flat bread to serve along side the salad. And it was very tasty. All those flavours disguised the old dough taste. And I didn't use the part of the tomato that actually had mold on it.

1 comment:

  1. looks good! And glad to hear that you didn't use the mouldy part of the tomato!