21 May 2010

Dandelion Wine!

Kevin and I have made some dandelion wine. And yesterday we got to try it! We picked the dandelions - 3 L of them I think - at the very end of April when they first sprung up in our local park. We added lemon and orange juice, raisins, sugar, special wine yeast and let it bubble away for a few weeks. We only got 4 1/2 bottles. So we drank the 1/2 bottle right away last night. And it was really good!!

We have the other four bottles doing a little more bubbling with balloons over the necks (acts as a cheap fermentation lock) and when the balloons stop inflating for good we will have to borrow or buy a corker. Then we leave them for 6 months. It might taste even better in 6 months!!! We had fun doing it and love the feeling that we did it all ourselves and it turned out so good that we think we might even go ahead and buy a corker. Next on the agenda is parsnip wine.


  1. My parents just got into wine making this past year and one of the first wines they tried was dandelion. I cam across your blog, which I love, and I saw that you made a delicious dandelion wine. Do you have a recipe? If so would you mind sharing? thanks so much and Happy Blogging!

  2. I don't have a recipe to share because I just got it from a book and I can't even remember which one. But I know there is a recipe in CJJ Berry's First Steps in Winemaking which is a great book full of all sorts of kooky country wine recipes.