23 June 2010

Cool Bean Stout

We bottled our Cool Bean Stout last night. We bought a stout kit from the grocery store and added a bottle of vanilla and some cocoa powder.

It was great after our experience last year bottling - this year the siphon actually worked, made it seem so easy in comparison. We didn't add sugar to the bottles (to referment) so it won't be fizzy and we decided that meant we could use wine bottles and the corks wouldn't pop out. But we also did some beer bottles for smaller portions to give away. Luckily I had found a capper at our thrift store last week.

It's not supposed to taste good for at least another week. But we tasted it last night. And it was alright. Definitely hoping it tastes better. Kev said he could taste the cocoa vanilla, don't think I could. Anyway it was fun and I am so happy to have a hobby that Kevin and I like to do together.

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