25 June 2010


Did a bit of gardening after dinner last night and discovered we are getting grapes on the grape vine for the first time! We planted it 2 years ago so we haven't been waiting too longl. So exciting. I reminded Kevin that they will have seeds and he was immediately less excited.

And we have been enjoying the start of the raspberry harvest the past few days.

And we are waiting for the wild raspberries to ripen.

This year all our perrenial fruits have really taken off and its great. Especially great this year when the baby plus the hungry rabbits are threatening us getting many vegetables. This year I added a rhubarb plantI think next spring I am going to spend a bit of money adding more - blueberries, maybe another grape vine if we like it this year, and maybe I will research about something new like elderberries or gooseberries.

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