03 September 2010

Soy Yogurt!!

I got a lovely surprise this morning. The soy yogurt I made last night actually worked. And it tastes delicious! I was sure it wouldn't work. I tried making cocount milk yogurt a couple months ago and it didn't work. Also, when I looked online I found lots of instructions and all of them fit into 2 categories: either they were very complicated with extra ingredients and steps all to make the soy yogurt thick like regular yogurt or they were very simple (like dairy yogurt) and didn't even mention thickness.

Luckily my Wild Fermentation book had instructions to use soy milk just like regular milk in a recipe so I did that. Except I added a bit of sugar because one of the sets of instructions said you needed to and now I'm not sure if I want to try to omit it next time. So I followed instructions for dairy yogurt using Edensoy soy milk (only ingredients are water and soy beans, don't know if that is important) and used a cooler with a 4L bottle of hot water and stuffed with towels as my incubator and left it over night. Oh and I used a tablespoon of dairy yogurt as my starter because after the coconut milk yogurt failure (in which I used soy yogurt starter) I read somewhere that commercial soy yogurt doesn't work as a starter (even if it says live cultures).

It really does taste delicious, way better than that expensive processed stuff I bought myself as a treat all the time while I was pregnant. And it has a lovely thick consistency and tasted delicious with my granola and maple syrup. I am so excited. That is often the one thing missing in our kitchen - easy snacks. Kevin eats so much chips and salsa that I think he will turn into chips and salsa. And Kevin thinks the yogurt is good too. So I think this goes along with the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe as a life-changing discovery.

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