17 December 2010

Out there in the Blogosphere

OK so I've been trying to take the blog to the next level, try to make a name for myself in the world of craft blogs. But I'm not getting my hopes up, won't even let the word sponsorship enter my head yet. And then this, a picture of mine and my name on a real craft blog! Thank you Prudent Baby. So exciting! I know it would be no big deal to a real established blogger but to little old me it's huge. And the most important thing to come out of this: Why did I let my sister wear those horrible jogging pants in my picture!?! Hahaha mostly kidding.

I am very in love with everything crafty right now. Yesterday I sorted out the room I do my sewing in and turned it into 'my sewing room', actually no, I think I'll call it my studio, that's more awesome. It's not beautiful and still a little makeshift because I know one day it will become the bedroom for baby #2 but it's still pretty great I think.

And in the spirit of not letting fame go to my head I will end off with a picture of Henry for my real fans who are my family who I know only check the blog to see new pictures of Henry.

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