15 March 2009

Warm Day!

Today we had a really nice warm spring day! We took full advantage of it of course. Well except for sleeping in till close to 11. [Didn't stay up late the night before or anything, we just both love a good sleep-in.] We took Kevin's bike in for a quick repair and walked around the nice houses part of Uptown while we waited. Then we rode our bikes to Kiwanis Park and had a picnic by the river and then walked a bit of the grand river trail. It was really nice.

When we got home we moved our 3 seater swing out of the garage into the backyard for the season and sat there reading. Later we brought out sangria and chips and salsa and bean dip. It was so nice to be spending time relaxing outdoors again! I also hung up my bird house. I've included a picture of the first snowdrop poking up out of the ground and of the birdhouse and the swing.

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