29 March 2009

A weekend in the garden

Well, a good Friday, Saturday in the garden anyway. I woke up this Sunday morning and it's rainy.
On Friday the dirt I had ordered for the front garden arrived. The front garden got completely dug up when we had our geothermal heating system installed so we have to start all over and try to make something nice out of it. I shoveled the dirt and did some other spring gardening while Kevin worked on putting our patio stone path back beside the driveway. This was a very tough job that I could never do because I'm not enough of a perfectionist. I'd have them in wobbly and crooked and insist that it was good enough but Kevin actually did a good job.

On Saturday we spent just about the entire day outside. We did some more gardening. I brought out some of the dirt that we had piled up round the side of the house last year when we were ripping up grass; the grass has now all composted out of it and it looks like pretty nice soil. I could only do some of it because in the middle of the piles the dirt was still frozen, guess I'll have to be patient.
We also rehung our tire swing - this time as an actual swing instead of just a hanging tire. It was easy to do now that we have a drill. Last year we just had to pound and pound with a nail and a hammer to make one small drainage hole. The new swing is much more comfortable.

I also got to hang some clothes on the line. And we had a lovely walk to uptown and bought Kevin's mom's birthday present at a craft show there. On our way home we saw a HUGE turtle on the side of the creek. We see muskrats, rabbits, chipmunks, hawks, herons, woodpeckers, and millions of ducks in our neighbourhood but never anything that cool. It was over a foot long and just sitting there. I had to get to just a foot away from it before it even moved.

Here's what our front garden looks like now. You can see the nice black soil is the stuff I bought, the dark brown is from the side of the house, and the light coloured stuff is the horrible mix of sand and clay that was left after the digging for geothermal. The old owner told me that it was very hard to get anything to grow there because of the huge pine tree so I am trying not be too ambitious. I bought some clover seeds and I know I want to put an apple tree in to perfect my view from my living room window.

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