14 November 2009

More DIY - Vanity

We've always wanted to replace the upstairs plain old wall mounted sink with a proper vanity. And we did it today. From our previous plumbing adventures in this house we were expecting it not to go perfectly but we had loads of unexpected extra work come up.
We had to replace the drain like we expected but the part attaching to the wall crumbled away a bit and was all gunky anyway so we had to use a rubber thing we found in the basement to attach it to the drain.
And a bit of unpainted wall shows now. We don't have the matching paint in the basement but Kevin managed to mix up two other paints that we had to make a paint that matches well enough.
And we had to cut away the baseboard.
And we had to return the faucet that we originally bought because it splashed a bit too much and the pop up drain cover didn't work.
But it's all done now.

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