06 November 2009

Saving Seeds

Kevin and I pulled apart some marigold flowers that I had been drying for a while to use the petals in our Christmas Gift soaps and of course at the same time the seeds came out. It hadn't occurred to me at all that that would happen but it was really easy to get the seeds, they just came out with the petals. So I have put the seeds in a jar to save for spring so we can have loads of marigolds next year.

While I was discovering seed saving I decided to finally try to extract the seeds from some bolted romaine lettuce plants that I had been saving in the study closet for months. With these I put the plant heads in a paper bag and shook to get the seeds to separate. This worked but lots of fluff and leaves came out too and I can't even imagine taking the time to separate them. So I've just put the whole mix in a jar. I can at least scatter the whole lot somewhere and see if lettuce comes up if I don't pick out the individual seeds.

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