09 March 2012

Sewing For Baby

I've been doing some sewing for baby recently. Baby will be here in around 2 months!
I sewed a couple of little T-shirts, not sure when these will fit - they look pretty big to me. The green one was done using the pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated and then I made the white one using the pattern and instructions from thismamamakesstuff. The green one took about a million times longer to make and I did not like fiddling with that neck binding, I personally did not think it was worth the extra effort. The white one looks almost as good I think. I also used the thismamamakesstuff pattern for making newborn gowns for Henry when he was the baby in my tummy. Can't believe I didn't think to use it to make T-shirts back then - T-shirts are definitely preferable to onesies for cloth diapered babies.
And I made all 4 of these pants just by making my own pattern based on some newborn pants I had using the method I talk about here. These are tiny, definitely for the first couple weeks. I am feeling pretty confident that this is going to be another tiny skinny baby just like Henry and I'll be glad to have some pants that fit well. Even with big cloth diapers, Henry only had a couple of pants that stayed on well in those first weeks.

And for a May baby I need a teensy tiny sunhat. I used the pattern from the book Sweet Booties in newborn size.

I think I will put a hold on sewing for baby now. Especially because we all have a feeling there's a little girl in there and if I wait I'll be able to pull out the floral fabric for my next baby project. Wouldn't that little sunhat look crazy cute with flowers. Or I could even do a little sun bonnet!

Henry's been such a sweetie recently, so happy playing on his own. I even got some of this sewing done during the day while he played happily in the basement with me. But we have been getting out. Here are some pictures from yesterday, playing in a big puddle which he called a swimming pool. (Today we have snow again and Henry went out in snow gear.)

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