13 March 2012


We have been having some nice weather here this week. There's still quite a bit of a wind most of the time and there hasn't been loads of sun but it's been nice and has felt very Spring-y.

We had a nice day out in St. Catharine's on Sunday including a visit to Kevin's Grandma.
On Monday the weather was so nice that I was tempted into a nice long walk with Henry. I'm really needing to take it easy at this point in the pregnancy. I enjoyed the walk but was completely shattered for the rest of the day.
Henry has been out on his scooter which he calls his motorcycle. He's been practicing in the house for the past couple of weeks mostly just pushing it while he straddles it and occasionally putting one foot on. The cutest thing is that when he puts one foot on he says he's doing it "like on the computer" because I showed him some videos of other kids riding their scooters. So far he has not been brave enough to try putting one foot on while riding outside.

Today I am definitely taking it easy. We've still spent lots of time outside but most of it was on our own driveway with me sat knitting on the porch.

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