18 July 2012

A top

I made myself a top last week on Henry's Grandma and Grandpa day.  It's a wonder I still sew for myself I so often have failures or things that I think I like at first and then don't wear much at all.  But I like to think that's just because I love experimenting or at least making myself stuff that is a little unique which is always going to be risky.  Oh and because I have yet to accept that the clothes from those Japanese pattern books just don't look good on me.  

This top isn't so unique but it is made from a pattern that I made myself, based very loosely off Heather Ross' summer blouse pattern from Weekend Sewing.  It's the same pattern that I used last summer for this top but without the sleeves.  I usually avoid sleeveless tops because I find exposed shoulders tan so quickly in the sun and as a bonus I don't have to shave my armpits with sleeves.  But this summer has been so hot I am willing to do a little more sunscreening and shaving.

Anyway that similar top that I made last year is one of the few things I've sewn for myself that has really gotten worn regularly for a long period of time.  I've already worn this new one twice.  And I'm sure it will continue to get worn a lot this summer since it hides that mummy tummy that I am working on losing.

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