18 July 2012

Eating from the Garden

There is a lot of food growing in the garden at this time of year.  

For Monday dinner we had all our vegetables from the garden.

And I need to plant more lettuce next year but there is still enough out there this year for a salad every once in a while.

The garden has been more neglected than ever this year.  I can't even blame the whole newborn + toddler thing.  It is really this heat.  We've spent quite a bit of time in the backyard this year but mostly lounging in the shade not digging and pulling in the sun.  But this morning was really nice and cool so Henry, Bridget, and I spent all morning out there and got some gardening done.  I did some weeding, staked up some of the tomato plants that were not too tangled up already, and planted some lettuce and kale.  Henry helped.  He pulled some leaves off some weeds, poked holes in the dirt with a stick, and threw around some seeds.  He kept saying "this is gardening".

He also helped me harvest this kooky cucumber.  And by helped I mean I asked him to take it over to the patio which he did and came back and told me it had made a big kaboom.  Of course I found it on the patio in two pieces.  But oh well it's nice to have an enthusiastic helper.

Here are some more pictures of our morning in the garden. 


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