27 July 2012

Best Buds

Here are the lastest pictures in the best buds series.  It has completely surprised us how much Henry loves Bridget.  Sometimes it is to get attention.  He knows we ooh and aw every time he gives her a hug or says he loves her.  But there are times when  I honestly can't think of an ulterior motive.  Like today in Zellers, I told him we had to leave the toys so I could find a place to sit and nurse Bridget and he just agreed.  He just followed us away from the toys with no complaining or whining.  And he waited with us while I sat and nursed.  And then we went back to the toys.  It was lovely, well as lovely as sitting to nurse in Zellers can be.  

Bridget definitely looks a bit different than Henry did as a baby but still this picture looks like Henry and baby Henry side by side and makes me do a double take.

a kiss

a tickle

he just loves her little hands

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