22 July 2012

In the garden with Henry

Henry and I took advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures this week and did some gardening.  Henry loves to eat peas straight from the garden these days but unfortunately our pea plants are just about done producing (one of these years I will get the hang of succession planting).  So I got Henry to help me dig up some potatoes so we could plant some more.  These are just the potatoes that sprouted from some of last year's sneaky potatoes that didn't get found during harvest time.  So they got a head start and are already quite big.  Just from those sneaky potatoes (which took over my kale area) we got more than a 3 L basket full of potatoes.  

And when the potatoes were all dug up we were ready for planting some new pea plants which will hopefully give us peas before the first frost.  Henry was a pro at doing this all by himself, in fact he kept telling us "I'm good at doing gardening".  Here are the pictures to show him poking a hole, planting the pea, covering up the pea, and admiring his work.  Gardening with my kid is a dream come true for me, I'm so happy that he's into it right now.  

And he still loves watering the plants with his watering can, here are some pictures I love from earlier in the week.

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