18 October 2012

Advent Calendar

I finished up my advent calendar that I planned and bought the materials for just after last Christmas, now I'm ready for December 1 to roll around.  It is a series of 24 little pockets joined together with some double fold bias tape.  I bought a Christmas-y charm pack so I didn't even have to cut the squares.  It was still quite a bit of sewing though.  And the numbers are just stickers.  I couldn't think of any more durable way to do the numbers that wouldn't take all year to do.  So we'll see how durable they end up being.

I will definitely be putting a chocolate for Henry into the pockets (must remember to fill only one pocket at a time so there is no temptation for a little boy to eat all 24 at once).  And I want to put a little slip of paper with a Christmas activity on it.  Even though Henry can't read the paper I think it will be nice to tell him in the morning what we'll be doing.  Christmas is going to be so fun this year!

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