24 October 2012

Cut and Paste

Henry and I are in love with doing cut and paste together this past week.  It started with me suggesting we make some Halloween decorations and to my surprise he said yes.  And then to my further surprise he sat with me for over and hour as we made the decorations and he kept wanting to make more.  The picture above shows him posing with the decorations we made that day.

What's working well right now is he tells me what he wants to make and what colour it should be and I cut the pieces and put the glue on and he sticks it together.  He loves the eyes, nose, and mouth stickers that we have, we have been doing people a lot.  I think it's exciting for him that for the first time he's making art that actually looks a little like what he wants it to look like.  

Uncle Steve, Aunt Eliza, and Wilson the dog

Baby Bridget, Henry, Daddy, and Mommy


 Mommy, Daddy, Henry, and Bridget

the sun


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