23 October 2012

Play Tent

I made Henry this play tent yesterday.  He calls it his fort.  It was a thrift store play tent with a smelly vinyl cover so I just made a new cover for it.  I set it up at night so he saw it for the first time when he woke up this morning.  He was pretty excited.  But he soon remembered that he only likes cars and he wasn't too interested in it for the rest of the day.  Actually we played peekaboo with it a few times by his request.  But he was not taking blankets and books in there and hanging out.  

The cover doesn't fit super well, it's a bit tight.  That kind of bugs me and part of me wants to redo the whole thing.  But really I don't want to do that especially since it is likely going to spend most of its time folded up in a closet for now.  


  1. That's so cute! When I was a kid, my fort was an old cardboard tv box. And when I poked a hole in it, I noticed I could watch an upside down reflection of the actual tv!

    1. Cool! Little scientist Mei!
      The only fort I remember doing was me and my sister pushing the bed against the desk in our room and then hanging out in the almost completely enclosed space under the desk - doesn't seem fun at all thinking of it now.